Buying low, selling high, and banking dividends along the way isn’t just for Warren Buffett.

Our strategy is simple.

Step 1: Buy Premium Business Select Hotels, only Hilton and Marriot brands, below replacement cost, with positive cash flow, in mid-size urban markets with a business travel focus—and near hospitals, universities, event spaces, and tourist attractions.

Step 2: Monthly distributions, we are owners AND experienced hotel operators. By increasing the profitability of the hotels through our in-house management and dynamic room pricing—we distribute 10% annualized (or more, please note REIT I is distributing 12% annualized).

Step 3: Sell the hotels (within 2-3 years) when they have reached “full market value” and buyers are plentiful. We plan to share those profits as well, targeting more than a 20% annualized return.

That means, if all continues to go according to plan, you'll receive monthly distributions, your initial investment, plus growth.

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    Only a $5,000 minimum investment!